eMule Mephisto Mod
based on eMule ScarAngel mod
The Xtreme's evil Heir

Latest Version:

Mephisto v3.0

Hi, this is the new official branch of the ScarAngel mod. I decided to make this a branch for the changes I had to do in order to get slotfocus are serious and very hard to make optionally. It will probably never get any further unique features but I still have some things about the Upload in my mind that might find their way into the mod at some point.

After Xman has obviously left the Xtreme mod project vacant is this mod, along with the ScarAngel mod, the heir of the Xtreme. I am truly sad tthat Xman has quit the delopment and did not see fit to find a replacement and give him the neccessary rights to continue the project. You will hopefully consider this mod a valid heir of the Xtreme.