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Status color:

Active connection control:

CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd:

Relax on startup:

Global Hardlimit:

Push small files:

Push rare files:


Save Upload Queue Waiting Time (SUQWT):

Show sources on title:

Show eMule's infos in your MSN7 (or above) message field v2:

Show global HL:

Show HL per file constantiniously:

Sivka File Settings:

Customized source dropping:

Advanced manual dropping:

Fake HighID check:

FunnyNick Tag Selection:

Client queue progress bar:

Mephisto version check:


Show Client Percentage:

Tabbed Preferences:

TBH: Backup:

TBH: MiniMule:

Copy feedback feature:

Adjust compress level:

Smart Category Control (SCC):

Spread bars:

HideOverShare (HideOS):

Share Only the Need (SOTN):

Anti Anti HideOS & SOTN:

See chunk that we hide:


Superior Client Handling:

Release Bonus:

Release Score assurance:

XP-Style menus:

Design settings:

Static IP Filter:

Enhanced Client Recognition:

Compat Client Stats:

Enforce Ratio:

Improved ICS-Firewall support:

Invisible Mode:

UPnP support:

Random Ports:

Simple cleanup:

Anti fragmenting:

Safe KAD:

Display reason for zero score:

Automatic shared files updater:

Emulate others:

Anti Uploader Ban:

Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer:

Spread Credits Slot (SCS):

Pay Back First:

Do not reserve 1/3 of your uploadlimit for emule:

Disable accepting only clients who asked within last 30min:

Follow The Majority:

Fair Play:

Alwasy maximize slot speed:

Timer for ReAsk File Sources:

File Settings:

Advanced Options:

Update Tab in Mephisto preferences:

High resulution speedmeter on toolbar:

Control download priority:

IPFilter White list:

Modified Fine CS:

Display completed Downloads in Tray:

Advanced Transfer Window Layout:

Threaded File Settings Saving:

Threaded Known Files Saving:

New IPFilter:

Show (un-)loading status of IPFilter:

Static Tray Icon:

Feedback personalization:

Queue progress bar in WebInterface:

File Percentage in title of progress images in WebInterface:


Multiple friendslots:

Upload Tweak settings:

Further Upload Specifications:

Transfer Multiple Chunks:

Adjust maximum upload time:

Drop blocking clients: